Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Trunk or Treat 2016

Mayfair's trunk-or-treat was the night before Halloween which was nice to get it all done in one weekend instead of dragging the holiday out and giving Liv time to change her mind about her costume! 
I thought for sure Liv would pick a Shopkins theme for our trunk but she wants to do Pokemon Go so we did! She is Serena and Ryan is Ash. Haven was supposed to be Pikachu but she wasn't a fan of the hat so I said she was Pichu and was her evolved form, Pikachu! Or just a PokeMOM. 
Here are the cartoon characters for reference
Liv helped me color these all month and we painted Pokeballs so the kids could "catch" Pokemom for their candy. 
Haven enjoyed walking around with Jeri most of the night. She liked eating raisins and goldfish crackers and watched the blow up skeleton over and over again!
I love this event and how everyone goes all out and pitches in and the community comes and it's just a fun night. Here are some shots of our friends and their awesome vehicles!!
 This one might've been my fav. They needed to finish their laundry so they made a laundromat and folded their real laundry! So smart!
Haven was finally getting into it by the end of the night. And when she saw her MDO teacher she felt safe enough to actually play a game and throw a cookie in his mouth!
And pose with this pumpkin man!
Next Up...Halloween Night!


kmom said...

Looked like tons of fun for everyone! Thank you for including the picture of the cartoon characters.

GmaakaMom said...

Yours is my fave (of course). Not only creative but the props include my 4 favorite okies❤️ I have to give kudos to the Willy Wonka one too.

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