Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Day

Olivia said she lay awake terrified in her bed all night in fear that Santa would sneak in her room. Let's just say I am glad the season of magical creatures creeping around our house is over. Maybe we will all sleep better! She joined us in bed at 4 am. Ryan was starting to feel sick so he went to another room. We were all up by around 7:30 and ready to see if Santa came. I thought for sure Olivia would see the pile of gifts from Santa by the fireplace as she descended the stairs...but no....she was oblivious and might need to have her peripheral vision checked! Ha!
If the gifts weren't enough proof that he came...the milk and cookies were gone! Who could've done that but Santa?!
Haven wanted nothing to do with stockings or gifts. She wanted to eat. So she had a donut and sat in her high chair eating oatmeal. She finally started catching on to what we were doing but when I asked if she wanted to open a gift she'd say "no" so Liv opened most of hers until her belly was full and then she opened a few.
Anybody else get a bag of rocks as a gift? Haha, they are for a project in her secret garden we've been meaning to do.
Haven REALLY liked her Thomas toothbrush. We had to brush teeth for about 10 min.
She loved her baby doll right away and had to get it out of the box. Then she had to show sissy her doll and examine the accessories. so sweet.
Liv helped Charlie look into her stocking. Rawhide! Yippee!
Haven finally was ready to get into the spirit of opening gifts!
She's been sitting on the potty lots lately. We will see if this little seat helps out any!
We got our annual family self timer photo!
And our loot photos. Ryan's drone didn't make it here in time from China but hopefully by the end of January he will get it!
And no he isn't taking up boxing but he did want a punching bag in the garage and since I can''t very well drag a 100 lb bag into the house and wrap it secretly....I just got the gloves and told him he can go pick one out!
I got some fun games, PW canisters, wool socks, boot stands, hands free can opener and a cool key/phone finder thing! Let's just hope I don't lost them both at the same time!
Haven's "smile" haha!
Then we got all dolled up for church. We girls tried to match in maroon. 
When we got home we had a simple lunch and then Ryan and Haven slept for about 4 hours. He was not feeling well. The weather was nice enough that Liv got to ride her bike lots that day! She enjoyed decorating this wooden castle. And Haven carried her baby around and fed her and kissed her and said night night to her lots. 
Then we let Ryan stay home so he wouldn't spread germs at Lulu's house. We joined their family for a big dinner and fun games. Haven LOVED the green beans. I caught her several times sneaking more off the table.
The next day Ryan was still not feeling great so we tried to let him rest up while we played.
 I love the videos and pics of kids getting puppies and kittens on Xmas. That will most likely NEVER be us but we do enjoy the neighborhood cats!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday with those you love!


kmom said...

I so enjoyed the video and the pictures. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas.

GmaakaMom said...

Rocks for Christmas! What a great idea! You better cut down your tree before Ry gets his drone😀

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