Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas in the kitchen

The kids Christmas program at Mayfair was the first Sunday in December. The show was titled "Christmas in the kitchen" which explains the chef attire.
 I had to hide from Haven before it started so she wouldn't want me to hold her or see me from the stage and start crying. She did well and looked so big sitting with all the kids on the pews waiting! I was surprised that she actually stayed on stage for it. She didn't really sing or do the motions at the right time, but she was still cute (she was the youngest up there I think but not by much)! The other little ones did a great job!

 She got distracted by the ceiling lights. Common problem among performers.
She didn't have a problem clapping for herself.
Even a standing ovation!
The older kids sang songs about Christmas in the Kitchen and Olivia even had a speaking part that she memorized. She did great!
 She's a bit distracted in the video but who wouldn't be with hundreds of people watching!
They also got to see Santa and Mrs Claus afterward. It went a little better than Donuts with Santa did and Haven was braver this time! 
 I took this super quick before she started to reach for us! 
Liv says the Santas we saw this season aren't the "Real" one. The real one only comes out on Christmas Eve and these ones are just dressed like him. 
Thanks for staying another night to catch your granddaughters in all of their Christmas performing glory!


kmom said...

They both did well in their Christmas programs. I was a bit afraid Haven was going to crawl off the stage.

GmaakaMom said...

I'm thankful we got to be there.

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