Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Scenes

Here are lots of Christmas moments from this month that I haven't shared yet!
Seeing these two reading beside the tree light never gets old!
Sparkle McGlitter came again this year but thanks to some pretty tearful and fearful moments with Olivia we had to set some boundaries and write him a letter about which rooms he could be in (any downstairs except the living room...although he forgot this one occasionally)
He wasn't as creative this year but I think it's because he knew Haven would touch him and steal his magic if he were within her reach!
The lego advent was a fun daily event.
We kept it set up by the tree and she added lots of other lego pieces from upstairs when she played with it.
Olivia often wrote Sparkles notes asking him questions and such. One day she asked him to take his hat he did, but put this one on in its place!
We did our annual Hallmark ornament shopping. Liv surprisingly passed up on Disney princesses and over much debate picked out a singing Feliz Navidad snowman. That thing has been played so much the battery is already almost dead!
The kids at church watched the Grinch one night and then learned how they could grow their hearts 3 times their size too. They also made cookies for the firemen (and ate some as well)

Silly Sparkles how can you see that way?!
Ryan made our house look so pretty with lights. Liv was very dismayed we did not have the colorful dancing projector lights. Can't please that one!
Workin on the Christmas puzzle. We did it pretty fast! Haven loved to "help"
Working hard on her daddy's Christmas gift
 Mesmerized by Ernest Saving Christmas. 
Baking lots of Christmas treats with Noah 
I got about 500 more gray hairs during this process. Each year they get older I think it will be easier. Not true. But they DID clean up very well after themselves this year!
 Playing a new board game. I got to open it early so we could be playing it over the break. It's fun for all ages and has a pretty weird name "Ghost fightin Treasure hunters"
Playing games and piggin' out on Xmas Eve at Lulu's 
 My Xmas mint brownie wreath for our Bible class party 
The most random spot Sparkles hid was in a casserole dish of uncooked rice. This rice had been holding my new cell phone that I had just dropped in the toilet. I guess Sparkles was tired and running out of ideas. Every time I passed it in the kitchen I thought ooo what's for dinner....oh yeah, toilet rice and elf!
More Christmas posts coming up!

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kmom said...

The mint brownie wreath looks so creative and very enticing. Ryan did a great job on your outside lights and your inside tree lights. I liked seeing the places Sparkles chose to show up. I look forward to playing the new family game.

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