Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Donuts with Santa

Being a part of Oklahoma City Mom's Blog means I contribute some posts every now  and then to their website but it also means I get to help plan and attend fun events they put on for families in the metro area. The annual Breakfast with Santa was a few weeks ago and the grandparents happened to be rolling through in the motor home that weekend too so they got to attend.
Olivia did great with Santa...Haven however needed her daddy! If I'd known I would've jumped in the pic too for a family photo!
I was working the swag table so I didn't get to eat with them but we did get to run around the Cowboy museum afterward and have some fun!
Group photo time!
Here is maybe half of us. I enjoy getting to know these ladies!
My latest posts for the Blog were about how to keep your sanity over the holidays (Like that's possible) and what being "present" really means. Both of these are posts I need to reread over and over again and take my own advice!

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GmaakaMom said...

Some day I'll go when I'm not distracted by my adorable granddaughters. Thanks for including Grandpa and me.

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