Wednesday, December 21, 2016

No grandparents were run over by reindeer in the making of this post

We enjoyed having the grandparents here for a few days at the beginning of Dec while they were on their way to Gigi's in Branson. We will be headed there to spend more time with them after the Christmas. As per usual when they left Olivia had a ginormous melt down and cried for over an hour at bedtime. Wailing. Sobbing. It was epic. 
Haven loves them too but she held it together a little better than Olivia did when they left.
 Grandpa helped Liv build the ginger bread house for the church contest. I think she mostly ate icing and he did the building but that's pretty normal. 
 Their masterpiece!
Up next: Mayfair's Christmas in the Kitchen

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GmaakaMom said...

Grandma cried too😭

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