Saturday, December 10, 2016

Phone Dump {Nov 2016}

Here are some fun times from November that might've been left out on here!
Cosmic bowling for Noah's birthday...guess I somehow didn't get one of the birthday boy! Gymnastics with Henry. She's so proud of herself. Sitting on the porch with daddy (AKA: nana)
Liv creations. Enjoying the back porch: notice the fence is down. Ryan has rebuilt it but needs to put the gate back on before I can post about it! 
Haven's favorites things: trains, books, and nursing her baby while rocking and watching Thomas!
Look at this cool thingamajig I found while decorating a person's house for Xmas. Looks like a regular book but's a magical Harry Potter looking light!
Zoo day with Minkare. The primates were RIGHT by the glass and so fun to watch and interact with that day! 
Haven patting Charlie, Liv's toothless grin, Dr. Haven, train conductors after school.
Christmas decorating at a house. When designing a circular bar I could not find my compass so Haven's round toys worked nicely for tracing! So professional! Ha! 
More decorating! Glitter galore!
On the night before my actual birthday Benay babysat so we could go out for dinner. We checked out the new Good Egg restaurant Barrios. Russell Westbrook just so happened to come celebrate with us!....from across the room at another table but still!!
These two love a good Netflix viewing!


kmom said...

I do like to see pictures of what is going on in your family. It is fine to post a review. Some pictures are new to me.

GmaakaMom said...

I'm pretty sure I saw that light book on Shark Tank. I love these phone dumps.❤️

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