Saturday, December 03, 2016

Tennessee Tri-fecta: The Birthday

We went to TN last week for the annual tri-fecta holiday celebrations (my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). It's a tradition that will forever confuse our daughters I'm sure. When they are off and married on their own I'm sure they'll be wondering where the cake and presents are on Thanksgiving! Ha! Oh well. All the Henderson family came over the first night and there were lots of cute blurry cousin moments. Those kids move too fast!
I held sweet Ellie Rose lots and was not about to put her sleepy baby body down to blow out my candles. No way! 
 Our traditional cousin photo is quickly outgrowing this couch! 
Silly shot!
Then we learned a new game called Kingdom builders. 
Thanks family for always celebrating my birthday with me whenever I come to town!

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