Friday, December 09, 2016

Tennessee Tri-fecta: Christmas in November

Our "Christmas morning" in TN was lots of fun. We opened our gifts and then had fun playing with them that afternoon. 
Ryan's lap full of girls!
It felt more like Thanksgiving since we were all there for the meal that day! The cousins had lots of fun playing together and we all watched in envy of their energy. Mary Belle is still the funniest kid I know. She was admiring the nail polish on my toes one day and started to take her socks off. I said "Are your toes pretty too?" She said "I want to show you the paint that is NOT on my toes." haha! Such a clever way to phrase that! 
And I cuddled Ellie Rose as much as possible. 
But I had to share her with Haven who gave her plenty of snuggles and kisses.
We also went over to visit Lennon in her new house! The girls got to hold her. And give her kisses too!
 The kids enjoyed a movie with Papa in the evening.
And Haven dug for treasure in her bellybutton
 The next morning was very cold but the girls saw 7 deer in the yard that they needed to chase so we went outside for awhile. 
See them running in the upper left corner?
 Future Accountants enjoying their floppy calculators
It's crazy to see how much Ellie Rose has changed and I know she will grow even more by the next time I see her!  


kmom said...

Ellie Rose is now really good at smiling and "talking."

GmaakaMom said...

There was a lot of adorableness at the Bloomingburgs house.

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