Monday, December 05, 2016

Tennessee Tri-fecta: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was pretty low key as everyone left town that day, so it was just us and my parents.
 But we had a delicious meal accompanied by the cutest little turkeys in all the land! 
And I took lots of Thanksgiving selfies with my new phone.
Liv and Papa went on a scavenger hunt in the woods after lunch. 
He took pics for me to prove they found the things on the list. Example...a leaf larger than your hand and a acorn.
 They even crossed some treacherous waters!
Ryan and I went on a date and saw Arrival. Then drove around to witness the Black Friday (technically Thurs) chaos. We've never gone shopping on that day so we didn't know what to expect. After seeing lines wrapped around buildings we decided to check on the Wal-mart craziness. It was pretty tame until 6pm when they cut the cellophane off the deals and the people start scrambling for their hatchimals or discount towels. One lady drove her cart passed me like a madwoman yelling "Imma sell these sonsof******s on the street!!!" Wal-mart at it's finest and completely free entertainment for us! We ignored the crazy lines and played it safe at Ross where there are always deals no matter what day! Then we went over to the McEarl's to meet my fairy goddaughter. Lennon is even more precious than her pictures. 
Between her and Ellie Rose I got lots of good baby cuddles this trip!
In between these two holidays we also were able to spend time with Madelynn and Celeste for some much needed Shopkin/bff time. Haven enjoyed their trees and singing ornaments. 
Papa had his lap full of grandaughters at church! Haven intently watched the sign language interpreter and tried to mimic her during the songs.
Next up....Christmas in November!

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