Friday, January 06, 2017

Happy New Year!

Warning: long picture post ahead. 
We spent the last part of December and New Year's in Branson with some of Ryan's family. We opened gifts from each other even though it was a few days after Christmas. We missed the Kronewitter bunch!
The best we could do! ha!
The Bubble wrap is always the best part! 
Liv got plenty of quality play time with Alice. And the guys got quality time with the drone. Ha! 
Gigi's walker always makes for a fun toy too!
David on "de-Christmas" duty
Can you find Fred?
We also played lots of games when we weren't sucked in by HGTV and TLC. At least 3 hours a day though I think the kids were swimming in the heated pool. They woke up wanting to swim, wanted to get back in after lunch and before dinner and all other times of the day. 
Haven enjoyed it one day and we were so proud and thankful that she got out when she needed to go potty! And went right on the deck :) 
Notice grandma in her winter coat and hat on life guard duty! So selfless!
This one sure loves her grandpa. She's watching me type this and saying his name over and over again. It often sounds like "backpack" though.
She loves grandma too though!
Haven joined in with whatever the big kids were doing. She looked like one of them instead of a baby!
 The grandparents babysat on New Years Eve so us and Carrie and David could go out to eat and do some shopping. Then we napped and were ready to play games til midnight. 
 A few couldn't last that long but they sure were cute fast asleep on the couch! 
Someone was always missing in our selfies despite how many we took! 
Sunday we went to church and had lunch and then headed back because we THOUGHT Ryan had to go to work Monday (spoiler alert: he drove there Monday and found out he didn't have to be there. whoops!), Liv cried so much she made me teary eyed. She could barely say goodbye to anyone she was so upset (slash tired from a week of staying up late). She cried all morning and an hour of the car ride home until she fell asleep and then cried an hour when we got home. It's a sure sign we had a good time! 
Sweet Sisters comforting each other until they both past out on the way home.



Oh my. This made me teary. I am equal parts jealous and happy. I love that my family loves each other. Looks like a fabulous time.

GmaakaMom said...

So you could have stayed one more day? Bummer. I can't tell you how much I love this post. Do has miss Fox News yet? 😀

kmom said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

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