Tuesday, January 10, 2017

House Update: Fence and Bench

Ryan finished the fence between our house and garage a few weeks ago. It looks sooo much better! Eventually we will get the rest of the fence done but for now at least the gate opens more easily!
 Now that it's cold and snowy/icy with bursts of 70 degree days in between....we are focusing on indoor projects. (And by "we" I think by now you understand what this means.) He said we were going to do the small bath downstairs first but he tore up the nasty torn vinyl seating on the kitchen bench this weekend so maybe the kitchen trumps the bathroom after all! We plan to just finish it in painted wood and have some pillows.
So much horse hair in there. blech! In typical child of DIY-er parents, Olivia ran up the stairs and said Hurry mom! Did you get a before picture?! (She also said this when we started to take down Xmas decor. haha!)
I like the IDEA of cushioned seating but the practicality of it with children is just ridiculous so unless I figure out something functional....painted wood it will be (after he makes it look nicer of course). But what color? I can't decide. I want it to be the same as the cabinets and I really want to do a blue/gray.... I think... but I'm not 100% sure yet.

Kinda leaning towards Wythe Blue but then again it could just be my computer screen. I haven't got actual samples yet.
Stay tuned on the progress!


kmom said...

The fence looks super! I'm so glad you decided to be practical with the bench. I do like pale blue.

GmaakaMom said...

The fence looks great. AndI love the color too. Will he have the kitchen done by the time we get there next week? (Ha ha)

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