Monday, January 16, 2017

Newsletter: 22 months

Dear Haven,
Your hair is getting longer, your vocabulary is growing and more and more I see glimpses of a little girl emerging through the toddlerhood. You and your sister are teaming up more often than not and it's heartwarming to see. She does occasionally get frustrated that you want to play with whatever her favorite toy of the week is. Over the holidays you had more time to spend together and we ran into this issue quite a bit. She shared her kitty with you one day though and I can't even begin to describe how gently you carried it around and how fiercely you said "NO!" when she asked for it back!
You are nursing less. But when you do nurse you really want to nurse one of your baby dolls at the same time which is always fun. It is very sweet to see you be so nurturing and loving to your baby dolls though. Olivia always loved stuffed animals but you really do love playing with baby dolls. You got two for Christmas along with many Thomas the Train items which you also enjoy playing with.
The holiday was fun with the cousins in Branson. Despite the age difference you had no problem joining in their play. I'd catch you laying down beside them for a movie or them trying to teach you to pop bubble wrap. Once again proving that silly old age gap issue wrong again.
We have removed the baby gates on the stairs this month. If I'm in the shower or really engaged in some task I'll put one up so I know where you are but for the most part it seems to be going well and the fascination with the staris has waned some....finally! You are very good and going up and down them even without holding on although I would prefer you use the railing.
You are becoming so much more verbal. You can say your favorite foods easily: oatmeal (me-meal), hummus, and apples. So you get to eat those often mainly because you can ask for them! You often will hold one finger up and say "be back" when you leave the room.
You narrate the actions for me when I'm going potty (which I forgot how annoying but necessary that stage is) Mama, poop, gross, wipe, byebye (as we flush!). It has led to some successful potty trips for you already though! we celebrate with a smartie although most of the time I think it was pure luck, it's still a small step!
You aren't easily comforted anymore at sleep times, you won't nurse to sleep and you won't usually let me sing to you or read to you or pat your back so crying it out is the only method at the moment. It's a very heart-wrenching few minutes but luckily it only lasts 10 minutes or less before you are fast asleep. You can still nap for over 3 hours so it's worth it. At night time you and your sister will talk to each other and while I wish you were both sleeping it is pretty sweet. Soon enough you'll be beside her on the trundle and I know there will be much more talking, giggling, and most likely bickering then too!
You really hate to wear clothes and even though we've had some pretty cold days (and our house can be quite drafty) you would much rather just be in your diaper. You like to try to put clothes on by yourself and are getting pretty good at it, but then when we really try to put the clothes on you for the day you fight me like I'm torturing you. You have thrown quite a few fits this month and hit me a few times. I have put you in time out and once I even told you to go to your room thinking you wouldn't understand that. But you pursed your lips and pouted at me and walked straight up to your room. It was hard for me not to chuckle because you looked so big in that moment!
I've enjoyed the extra moments together as a family that we got this month. I've been working a lot more this month so finding that balance between work and family has been challenging again. And while mother's guilt surfaces often, I would never feel guilty for the time I choose to spend with you. I love you so much!


kmom said...

Grammy loves you, Haven!

Shawn and Becky said...

I love so much that she nurses while you nurse!!

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