Monday, January 09, 2017

Phone Dump {Dec 2017}

We started back to school Wed. and then got a snow day Friday so getting back into a routine was thrown off by a magical winter weekend that felt more like Christmas to me than possibly Christmas did! Maybe because there was snow, or maybe because Ryan wasn't sick so we got to all play games and be together more than on the actual holiday. Aaaand we finally finished the second Christmas puzzle this weekend thanks to Sean's help. Now if only I can finished packing away the Christmas decor....I'm so close! Anyway here's the phone dump from December. Maybe I'll get caught up on this blog this week.
This was the last house I think we decorated for Xmas. And it was by far the largest. This is me feeling unsure about sitting on something called a "love sac" which is a ginormous very expensive bean bag chair. The painted ceiling and throne.
Nothing to see here but a genuine Chagall right across from the toilet I was relieving myself upon. #squad goals. Yes we get to undecorated this house next week! 
Did I mention it was below freezing with high winds the day we hung her door garland? I think that's a table cloth wrapped around my face, I'm not sure. Me and Kelli at the work Xmas party.
We went to Guthrie for our work party. They do a Victorian walk in the evening. There were people in period costumes and kids dressed up in the windows of the antique stores, and so many harpists I began to wonder if it's a requirement to live in Guthrie!
A beautiful sunset from our porch, I love to catch Liv reading. The spider bite (?) that turned my finger black and my Dr. refused to treat so I had to go to urgent care. Blerg.
Haven wants to nurse her baby when I nurse her now. Dabbing with the coolest Santa at Dave and Busters. Monday=laundry day. School program with photo bomber Anna.
Haven playing. She initiated the sitting on the potty so we've been at it and she's gone a few times! 
Dressing Charlie, she still loves to wear other's shoes, me subbing like a boss, the sweetest note Liv's written to me 
The day Haven threw all her applesauce on the dog's back. A meeting of the stuffed animals. O Xmas tree! 
Liv's showcase from her enrichment sewing class at school. A skating birthday party with friends. Selfies to get her off the boob! 
Quality potty time with daddy! Liv came down with a fever and slept all day one day so she missed the last 2 days of school. Doing puzzles. 
Sweet slobbery doggy kisses. How she prefers to watch movies. THISCLOSE. Reading time with daddy. Reading time with big sis. 
The funnest thrift store find. Liv built really great tracks for Haven while she was home. I think she had more fun playing with them than Haven did! While sissy's away she lies on her blanket AND pillow. 
Ridiculous xmas lights in Nichols Hills. The first Xmas puzzle finished in record time! Haven snuggling with Daddy. 
Haven very affectionately holding Liv's kitty. Selfies during Xmas movies. Playing with Noah. He's back!
OCD Lucky Charms sorting. Playing our new board game. Petting stray cats. Chillin in Jenna's empty closet while they move in. 
That time everyone's doing their own thing and thinks Haven's with someone else until you realize she's alone in your room just smearing a tub of Vaseline all over her body. Hard to photograph but quite soft skin!


kmom said...

Thank you for a glimpse of your life. I never thought about you all being the ones to take down the Christmas decor you put up. What a job! But more money.

GmaakaMom said...

Ya know, my parents knew I needed glasses at 4 years old when they realized I had to sit 10 inches from the tv to see anything. Having a Papa who is an optometrist will come in very handy. Thanks for the phone dump❤️

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