Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Snow Day

Christmas break seems to have dragged on a bit as Liv got out last Friday for snow. Then this past Friday for potential ice storms that never came to the metro, and then we were out for MLK day too. So much for getting back into a normal school routine! It's been fun though! Being that Haven doesn't like to wear clothes in general, suiting up for the outdoor play in the snow was basically her worst nightmare. When she finally made it out though she had lots of fun and didn't want to come in. Liv played outside til her shoes (she was wearing lots of socks and my shoes actually) were soaked through. She also went sledding one day with the neighbors at the high school. The snow was pretty but it didn't last long...which is just how I like it!
 Charlie used a pile of leaves on our deck as her toilet all weekend. 
And when it just got too cold or windy we brought the snow inside to the Barbie pool and played with it at the kitchen table!

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kmom said...

Thank you for sharing your snow experiences.

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