Monday, February 06, 2017

Phone Dump {Jan 2017}

Yep it's still weird to type in "2017". But here ya go. The first month of the year just dumped out of my phone for you! (Thanks Nicole for the reminder to use my phone collage app! She's obviously not feeling old)
Liv fell asleep on me during Harry Potter one night. See even she gets bored of it at times. Ryan and Sean finishing our second Christmas January. Liv's "not amused" face of me trying to sneak pics of her playing nicely with her sis. Slumber party for the dolls!
Haven making Lego people at the mall, She likes to try and dress herself these days. We cram lots of people in the bathroom to cheer potty training! Go Haven Go! 
Haven being lazy with me in bed, wearing her new backpack, she likes to pretend to go night night at Loree's when she goes to work with me, Ryan took a pic of us cuddling and Haven looped her arm around my neck...that's my girl!
I took charge of the OKCMB Instagram one Friday to share some of my fav things: My grandmother's gold leaf necklace, snacks, my fav gym buddies who dance with me every week, my chipolo Ryan got me for Xmas so I can easily find my keys or phone!
Jen Hatmaker came to OC to speak and I though there were like 5 of us from Mayfair going but when we arrived saw so many more! We took a group pic and then I found some of my gym buddies there too. It was basically a reunion of every woman I know in OKC. And the speaker was amazing. Of course.
Haven doesn't like to wear pants...or any clothes really. She loves to nurse her stuffed animals, and swing on the porch swing....which seems an odd activity for January but it's been rather warm.
Sisters playing sweetly on a Saturday, girls movie night, Liv and friends from school roller skating!
Our new small group at church working on a service project together. Liv made up a game with her princesses, bracelets, and a dice and convinced Calvin to play.
Some work pics this month. The house we are working on and the floorplan of the master closets I got to design. Amanda got to work with us one day un-decorating Xmas.
Jayven mean mugging Haven! Ha! Cassidy and Liv played dress up ALL day. We rarely saw them unless they were hungry! Charlie being cute and Haven showing Aunt Laura her xmas clothes!
Me giving in to facebook trends.
Haven's hair can get rather mulletish some days so I had to do a "who wore it best comparison photo"
Sunrise on the way to school one day.


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally figured it out. ;)


kmom said...

Dump away. There is usually one picture I haven't seen and lots I don't mind seeing again.

GmaakaMom said...

Love the phone dumps. Love my Okie Isenbergs.

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