Saturday, February 04, 2017

What it feels like to be old

I've sat down to write my phone dump post at least 10 times now. And every time I do, the website I use to put my photos in a collage messes up. I've tried using different computers. I've tried using a different browser. I've tried adding an account, using less photos, and every time it just won't let me do it. So now I have to find another outlet to achieve the same effect which means I just need to ask Ryan because he can find it in two second what would take me 5 hours. This is what is feels like to be old. Technology is advancing and I am not and all it does is stress me out and at this point it actually would've been faster to take some film to be developed and mail each and every one of my 5 readers the pictures from my cell phone. That is all. Wait no it's's my book review that just came out in the Christian Chronicle. That's what you can read until I can get technology on my side!


Unknown said...

I'm sure you have more than 5 readers. Your posts are so exciting to read! They may be worried about feeling stalkerish if they post. -April B.

kmom said...

You did a great job with your Christian Chronicle article. If you think you have a hard time with technology, what about me? I have to have a strong motivation to learn new stuff. I am happy I chose a new flip phone over a new smart phone even though which ever one I chose was free. Also, not everyone who reads your blog lets you know.

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