Saturday, March 04, 2017

Haven's Birthday Party

No greater difference appears in the oldest and youngest of my children than in their types of birthday parties. And I must say I much prefer the ease of Haven's! So simple. No invitations, no lists, super small and laid back. Even Olivia is confused by it. "Why aren't there any kids for Haven's party? Are we playing Thomas games? Is there a craft?" Ha Someday Haven might have an opinion but until she does I'm sticking to the easy method! 
I made a Thomas "2" cupcake tray for her party with kit-kat tracks and mini trains on loan from her Thomas loving friend Benny! (I can't take credit for the's all on the internet.) 
No Thomas tale is complete without a cow in the tracks!
 I decorated with all her Thomas toys. She was not a huge fan of us singing to her or putting flaming candles in her face. But she did like to eat the cupcake once it was over! 
She even snuck up on the table later that day to help herself to another one. Smart girl. We had pizza with the guests and then opened gifts.
She knows what to do with stickers!
She was really into that and enjoyed playing with her new toys the rest of the day. And of course we watched Thomas too!
We love this sweet 2 year old!


Anonymous said...

That look while y'all are singing! HA Looks like a perfect party! :)


GmaakaMom said...

Sure wish we could have celebrated with our sweet girl. Good job on the cake, Katie👍

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