Friday, March 03, 2017

Newsletter: 24 Months

Dear Haven,
My sweet toddler. My big girl. My baby. We call you all of these things as you are entering into the magical age of 2. Dreaded by many, but not by me. I love this age. Your words are picking up and while only those close to you may understand them, you can say quite a few! You've finally started calling your father "Daddy" instead of Nana or Nonny. I think he really appreciates this. Your most popular phrases are "watch me, help me, right there, ok mama, and nope"
I think I can finally say, bittersweetly, that we are done nursing. You still occasionally ask for it if I sit down and hold you (which I basically had to stop doing for awhile just to wean!), but I just say it's all gone and distract you with cow milk. It works most of the time. For a few weeks you quit napping altogether but in the past few days seem to be going down again much easier so maybe that was just a short phase. I hope so!
We had a small celebration for your birthday with just Grammy and Poppa, the Vasquezes, and Jeri here. I made you a Thomas train cupcake tray in the shape of a "2" and you really liked it. You were not too keen on us singing to you and putting lit candles in your face but once you ate cake and opened presents you started going around the house saying "Happy birthday" non stop! Benay brought you some birthday donuts on your actual birthday and you took a bite out of every one in the box, then ate 3 whole ones!
Your favorite toys are still whatever your sister is playing with. Grammy got you some kitty beanie babies so you could stop stealing your sister's....but of course now she has claimed them as well so we just find them wherever she has hidden them for the day while she's at school! You also love red bear and green bear just as much as Olivia did, but you call them both red-bear. If we correct you and say no that one's green you'll say "green red-bear". And of course Thomas (Bobus) is still a hit. Building tracks and making tunnels is always fun!
Potty training is still just in the beginning stages and you will tell us when you need to poop but when we sit on the potty, you wait until the diaper is back on to go. I don't think we will crack down on it any until closer to summer.
You had Grammy (Who you call "bebe") here basically for a whole week to yourself as your personal playmate. The two of you could be found playing all sorts of fun things in her room or outside and it was a huge help to me while I tried to purge our clutter and make progress on some projects I was trying to get done.
You still love to draw and craft and although you KNOW it is supposed to stay on the paper, you have gotten very sneaky and a few times have drawn on the table, bench, and door. One day you even did it with a sharpie. Luckily we are repainting the kitchen soon but you still had to be disciplined. Now whenever it gets quiet I know you have found a writing utensil and are probably tagging some surface of our home!
You regularly keep us in stitches by mimicking others words or motions. The other night you and Olivia were dancing to Hair Up from the Trolls movie. She kept flipping her head over to put her hair up in a high ponytail. You would copy the motion even though your hair isn't quite long. We got a good kick out it!
I may still call you Baby Haven but I can't deny that you are becoming a big girl who wants to do things like dress herself, feed herself, and climb things all on her own. Just remember I've still got a lap to hold you, arms to cuddle you, and a heart that will always love you no matter how old you are!
I love you!


GmaakaMom said...

Love you sweet Haven❤❤❤

kmom said...

Haven,I had so much fun playing with you and hearing you talk. Love,Grammy

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