Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oscar Night 2017

Who are you wearing? I was wearing vintage Okel wedding attire circa 2006. I think there was a record crowd at Jenna's to celebrate celebrities celebrating themselves. Most attendees hadn't seen any of the movies but that is NEVER a prerequisite to attend! They brought delicious foods and fancy frocks and that's all we care about! I tried real hard and I think saw all of the nominated best pictures and most of the other big category nominees. There were a lot of depressing but beautiful films made this year!
One of these days my girls will be old enough to attend. Until then it's sayanora kiddos!

We started recruiting heavily from our gym friends.  
I like the way Melissa parties. 
I think Jenna used the Oscar party as motivation to make Sean finish the house projects. Their house looks amazing and I'm glad it could hold our growing party!
Filling out ballots as they fill their stomachs! 

 Heather sculpted this awesome Oscar statue out of Rice Krispie treats. I hear her husband took over and really got into it. Just wait to see how it looked by the end of the night.
 Jenna's goal was to be silly in every pic of the night. I think she ALMOST accomplished it.
 This was a selfie of the only brave souls who dared stay awake and present for the entire ceremony. They announced the winner and then Katie M left and I had to text her to fill her in on the epic failure of the night. Even the rice krispie statue was hanging it's head in shame at the flubbed winner announcement! We didn't pose it, it seriously just fell like this. Ha!

I brought Jalebi in honor of Lion. We are still working on the paperwork for Saroo's adoption. wink wink. 
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GmaakaMom said...

You have a stronger stomach than me to be able to sit thru that Hollywood narcissistic love fest.🤢 Good job on still fitting into that pretty gown👍

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