Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Phone Dump {Feb 2017}

Here's some things that happened in the month of February via my phone.
Liv put this lanyard on and proclaimed herself Ms Owen, the PE teacher. I texted it to Ms Owen of course. Liv and Sebastian got wild with simple machines in the backyard making levers and pulleys. I had nothing to do with it except I took some pics.
The weather has been so nice this month. Lots of topless outdoor play...for Haven that is. She also enjoys fine motor skill activities with red bear right near by of course.
New head shots and group shots for the contributors of OKC mom's blog. Cassie Duffle makes me feel like a cover girl!
Jenna's loud and proud gym wear. Haven feeding the cow at Cattleman's. Thomas toys have gone too far when they are promoting steam engines in outer space. What the what?! Ryan got out his slot car race track and the kids were obsessed for about a week.
Piles of the purged items while my mom was here. I finally threw out all of those unmatched socks in the basket of my laundry room. 
Sometimes the laundry is piled up and the play room is a mess but I try to ignore it and read. This pic in a 3rd grade class I subbed really bothers me....they are both illustrations, one is an illustration OF a photograph. We celebrated Ryan's bday with his fav jello cherry cheesecake and I took him out to the Oscar nominated animated short films at the museum and to Revolucion. Liv built a fort of pilows on her bed that she was obsessed with all weekend.
Lolo came by for a short visit and Liv got to show off the racetrack to BenDes too. We cleaned out the secret garden and I let Liv peruse all the items to decorate it with. We just need grass to grow in it now!
Some quick snaps of my sweetie down by sissy's school.

They still play in the felt card table play house I made for Liv's first birthday. I dictated the grocery list to Liv one day, I think I deciphered most of it once at the store. Ha! Some bathroom sketches for a house we are working on.
Fuel up fundraiser night for John Rex. We PTA like a boss! Scenes of a 7 year old's dresser.
Occasionally Haven gets to join me for a work meeting at Loree's. She likes to play on the fireplace. Working on a project with our church small group. Ryan's progress on the kitchen bench (It's finished now and painted blue. stay tuned!)


GmaakaMom said...

Its like watching a slide show of a month in the life of my favorite Isenberg's. I love it.

kmom said...

I'm glad I was there for a couple of those Feb. things. Hope you keep enjoying life.

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