Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break 2017: Part I {OK to KS to CO}

One of the first heartbreaking moments in my young adult life after college was realizing there is no spring break in the "real world." There should be! And you should also always get your birthday off! But alas, when kids come along and taking vacations in the middle of their school year becomes a bit trickier, I do magically get a spring break again! Thanks kids!
So last week we spent some time in Colorado Springs. Ya know, because my glaucoma is pretty bad now. Kidding, kidding! (That's a pot joke, mom, if you didn't get it. (Pot is slang for marijuana. (Marijuana is now legal in Colorado))) We made a loose itinerary and headed out Saturday towards Kansas so we could see our favorite Moores on the way out west. Fun fact: Both kids puked on the way as they tend to get motion sickness in the car. We are pretty good puke pros by now though so we cleaned up and kept on going!
We had a great visit with the cousins. It was snowing when we arrived and the weather was wet and cold all weekend so we hung out indoors mostly. I met lots of people with Henderson or OCU connections at their church on Sunday. It's such a small world.
I don't know what it is about these two but they have some sort of bond and play really well together. Haven really loves Nolan!
Almost as much as she loves cuddling while eating oatmeal.
Hank still looking like a GINORMOUS puppy. Haven got real good at saying "no no Hank"
There's not too many pics of these two because they were upstairs being typical 7 year old girls.
She crashed at their small group Sunday night. Boycotting naps isn't always a good decision but she hasn't seemed to learn this yet!
It's a good thing we had a layover in Lindsborg because after we left I found out how horrible it is to drive through west Kansas. Wheat and windmills for ETERNITY. The trip out west is definitely best broken up into smaller portions!


GmaakaMom said...

I'm looking forward to your vacation run-down posts.

jana said...

hahaha you're hilarious. i hope you have your glaucoma under control now. ;)

i was fairly young when we went to colorado & i still clearly remember how horrible the drive through kansas was!

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