Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Break 2017: Part IV {Museum and Back Home}

After our morning hike we ate lunch and headed to check out the Pioneer Museum in Colorado Springs. It's located in the original courthouse and the building itself is beautiful. They had some great kids exhibits and a scavenger hunt that kept Liv interested throughout the rooms. They had a huge section on tuberculosis and I found out many of the huge asylums are still standing and available for tours. There's so many things on my to do list for next time!
We got to dress in pioneer clothes and pose for a creepy photo.
 We rode an old timey elevator and learned what scagliola means.
 Bringing crimes to justice in this beautiful courtroom
 A replicated TB hut.
Viewing the largest private collection of Van Briggle pottery.
Fun in the kids exhibit
 Then we checked out another park  
 While I packed up our stuff the next morning and Liv threw up on the couch, Ryan noticed about 7 deer that were outside of cabin. They weren't very frightened and let us get pretty close.
 It was a loooong drive home but thanks to some oils and emetrol we avoided anymore puking on the 9 hour drive! They were asleep sooo fast after we left. 
Once again my girls were better travelers than me but we made it home with decent attitudes. 
There's so many other things in the area that I'd love to see like the Royal gorge train ride and the top of Pikes Peak but we had to save something for next time!


GmaakaMom said...

The rehab clinic where Grandma stayed after her stroke was an old tb hospital. The grounds were kind of spooky.

jana said...

there's nothing like a little throw-up on a couch to end a vacation just right!

Kmom said...

I think I went on that train ride with my family when I was in high school. You had a great adventure.

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