Monday, March 06, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

A few weeks ago, back in February, we celebrated Valentine's Day. The girls woke up to donuts and princess bubble bath.
Ryan surprised me earlier in the week when he announced he was taking the day off to spend with me. Nothing could make me happier! Liv went to school, Haven went to Mother's Day Out and Ryan and I headed to Waffle Champion.
They changed their menu since I was there last so I was a bit bummed but it was still delicious. Then we headed to see Lion at Harkins Theater. Go see this movie. It's so good. I only cried about 10 times during that movie and I let Ryan know on the way out that it would be awesome to tell our Indian son some day that we decided to adopt him on Valentine's Day 2017. Ryan didn't share in my enthusiasm. Really I just want to adopt the little actor who played Saroo.
We had just enough time to check out a antique shop before I helped in Liv's classroom party and had parent teacher conference afterward but I took no pics of that. I did get a shot of this spectacular journal entry I saw of hers. Can you decipher it? Hint: It's about the superbowl.
And I did get a pic of the sweet sight I came home to. 
She tries so hard to boycott her nap then she crashes.
That evening Ryan took Liv out on a date to eat pizza and then to see The Lego Batman movie. Haven had a little party at her school and I love this photo they took of the girls!


Anonymous said...

You have a sweetie of a husband.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love that he took LIv out on a date, too!


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