Tuesday, April 04, 2017

A Little Wreath Craftiness

I confess that I still had my Christmas wreath on my door a few weeks ago. I guess it could've been considered a "winter" wreath but it was definitely time for a change so I picked up some supplies at the HobLob and brought some spring colors to our front door! They are super easy to make if you ever want a tutorial I will show you!
I actually made this wreath a LONG time ago and I change out the decor on it based on the season. The burlap is pretty gnarly and gross from being on a door for 5 years, but it doesn't look horrible so I spruced it up for spring/summer and added some flowers to it and moved it to the side porch door.

1 comment:

GmaakaMom said...

They're so pretty. Laura is going to drive all the way to Albany to shop at a Hobby Lobby. Maybe she'll want a wreath tutorial. You are just so crafty. (And I mean that in a good way.)

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