Monday, April 03, 2017

Book Review

Bread and Wine. This books ALMOST has me convinced to start a supper club but since I rarely manage to cook for my household....I think I'll leave it to others to minister that way! I'll join your supper club and Ryan will most likely bring a delicious side dish! This was a great book though in the same lines as her other books with essays about her life and her faith. These just happen to center around meals and include recipes. It made me hungry to read it. I give it a 7.5 and recommend it if you like cooking or the author!

Lila. After reading this book (and loving it a lot) I've decided I might just be drawn to series that center around a small town and although aren't considered religious fiction have religious elements in them. I can think of three series like this that I like and now I need to read her others. (And probably go back and read Gilead because it's been awhile and I didn't like it all that much then but I've had some kids since I read it and now that I know more about his family maybe it'll spark a new interest). I give this book a 9 and recommend it if you like a little bit of theology in your fiction.

Hillbilly Elegy. So I probably would've liked this book more but there was so much hype behind it and I was on the waiting list for so long with my anticipation building that it just could have never reached the pedestal it had been set on in my mind. It was still very good though. I give it an 8 and recommend it if you like memoirs (reminded me a lot of Glass Castle). He does branch out from the memoir voice and talk a bit in general about rising out of poverty and how economics and politics are shaped by people's upbringings and though he says this is just his story I felt he made a few sweeping generalizations at times, maybe not false ones but still.

Magic Strings of Frankie Presto. This was an entertaining fiction book but it took me awhile to get into it. It had a little too much of the mystical and magical in it for me to be a fan. Apparently he knows a bunch of famous musicians though and that's how he picked who he used in the book.  Maybe that's neat or maybe just a way to brag when you're an author. I give it a 6.5 and recommend it if you like his books or music.

The Nest was a family drama set in NYC. It had a little bit of everything in it, mystery, history, love, drama, crime, passion, so it was a pretty fun read and kept me flipping pages easily. I enjoyed watching how the trust fund that everyone was expecting ultimately was the family's demise. The ending was pretty great too but I won't spoil it for you! I recommend it if you like TV family dramas and I give it an 8.

Blue Babies Pink. Is this considered a book? It was a series of blog posts and podcast (which is what I listened to) but I'm considering it a book for my review purposes. It's simply that author's story of his struggle with homosexuality and faith. There's no theology, there's no answers, but I think his vulnerability about the topic is important to people of all faiths and especially those who seek to find ways to incorporate further dialogue in their church.

We haven't been reading any chapter books with Liv but she has been reading a few on her own from school. She likes the Palace Pet books. She really likes reading the Mo Willems books to Haven, and I do too. They make me laugh out loud.

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I bought Lila at the hospital gift shop for .50. It sat on my shelf for quite a while, never read it, and then gave it to Goodwill in a fit of cleaning. I want to read it.

Ryan and Katie said...

Well just get it from the library! Have you read any of her other books?

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