Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Party 2.0

The time has come to pass the torch of the Easter Party from the eldest daughter to the youngest. We threw the annual party on Good Friday and Olivia was at school, a bit devastated, but I promised her it was all Haven's friends coming not hers. I also promised her she could still decorate the cake and I'd save her a piece.
 Rainbow patterns forever and always.
I had lots of icing leftover so I iced some cookies and put some jelly beans on them.
Haven had fun coloring and playing with all of her friends.
We snacked and played and snacked some more.
Then it was time for the hunt. The kiddos loaded up their baskets and put their shoes on...
And humored me for a picture staring into the sun while Haven shielded her eyes yelling "too bight!"
And their off!!!
This first egg Haven found kept her preoccupied for awhile as she picked up all the goldfish that fell out of it. 
Jason noticed Haven only had one egg in her basket so he shared lots of his with her. So sweet!
Time to tally up the loot!
This is Scarlet's response to "Who's ready for bunny cake??"
Hugging her friends good bye. So cute!
She cannot hug without a goodbye kiss on the lips!
Porch swinging in the pretty weather
The kids decorated egg's on the sidewalk with chalk but I got no pics of that!
 The party ended around noon and a few hours later I picked up three kiddos from school who came home to their own egg hunt and leftover bunny cake party. They didn't seem to mind too much!

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kmom said...

Looks like there was a wonderful amount of cuteness at Haven's party. Glad Olivia and a couple of friends got to have fun with an egg hunt and cake later.

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