Friday, April 21, 2017


I really don't recall making a huge deal about the Easter bunny ever, but Liv let me know SEVERAL times that she knew I was her Easter bunny this year. Baskets still appeared either way.
She asked me to sponge roll her hair the night before so we tried it out and she seemed to sleep fine in all those rollers!
They had fun checking out their little gifts in the baskets.
This was the hair from the front...
 ...and the back. It held most of the day but I didn't put any product in it, so by evening it was pretty flat.
It made her look lots older and freaked me out all day long when I looked at her. Like glimpsing at a teenage Liv in the future....
My girls humored me for a few pics in their matching orange dresses. I love my girls!!
We managed to get all of us in one at church thanks to Annaleise!
The kids performed a few songs they'd been working on after the service. Liv is in the back left and Haven is in the front right. 
Then afterward, the kids had a hunt in the gym....due once again to rainy weather on Easter. I think this was the third or fourth year in a row. Haven was much faster this time! She got the hang of it after all that practice!

At the last minute we threw together an Easter lunch with some cousins in town. Liv bonded with the teenage girls who did her make up and accidentally left a choker necklace behind that she hasn't take off since Sunday. 
And of course the old people played nertz after lunch and I beat them all. 
Ryan successfully made a delicious ham for the first time, and we might just try to make this a yearly gathering. It was a glorious day.
Happy Easter!

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kmom said...

Liv's hair turned out super!

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