Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Mom Prom 2017

Some of the fabulous contributors of the OKC Mom's Blog
Here's something you may or may not know about me. I really missed my calling as a back up dancer. It's true. And the only time as a married woman I can cut a rug and not feel weird about it (because I'm not about dancing with dudes that aren't my husband and he's not really about dancing at all) is at the gym during Hip Hop Cardio, at an occasional wedding reception, and at Mom Prom. This year my gym girlfriends just happened to join me at Mom Prom and we managed to do a flash mob of sorts and teach everyone some killer moves.
No one has more fun than us every Monday and Thursday evening at the gym. Come join us and shake your tail feather!
First off I picked up my hot date ala 21st century style with a big prom sign, because apparently you can't ask in a boring way anymore! I was nervous but she said yes AND did my hair.

Prom pose!

Then we headed out for a fun girls night with other women of OKC. I worked the door for a bit, but got plenty of time to check out the booths, eat, and find out if my borrowed dress was dance-able.
Working the front door with some awesome ladies!
Fun at the photo booth
 And then to my surprise when I got home my hubby was waiting in his suit with some twinkle lights set up and some music playing. I saved him a dance and we had our own prom. He doesn't like social media but he got a lot of internet points that night! Ha!

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I love your dress!Looks like fun! Ryan cleans up good too!

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