Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Newsletter: 25 Months

Dear Haven,
This month I have been reminded over and over again why I love this age so much. I love going out and about with toddlers. Seriously. You make everything a fun adventure. There's such joy in the mundane. A school bus! A worm! Oatmeal! (You eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast but when I ask every morning what you want, you scream "Oatmeal!!!" with such glee in your eyes I would NEVER refuse it!) Trips to the store or the library or across the street to Bill and Alice's are some of your favorite things to do in life and are a good reminder to me to take joy in the simple pleasures.
One of those days where you clearly DID need a nap!
I hate to face the truth, but at just 25 months old you are giving up nap. It's been an adjustment but the trade off is you sleep earlier and easier at night time. And you sleep in longer in the morning. Your sister gave up nap time earlier than most of her friends but I don't recall it being THIS early so it's been a doozy. Occasionally you fall asleep during school pick up but you wake up pretty easily and happily once we are home. I still need a little rest in the afternoon though and when daddy works from home with you he needs to be able to get work done so we've been working on letting you play in your room with the gate up. You were teary at first but now when I give you the option of crib or play...you ALWAYS choose play.
While I do love this age it comes with some definite defiance. "Don't want to" has quickly become one of your most used expressions. And when accompanied with a pout and crossed arms is really hard not to gigle at because it's sooo cute. You are also mastering just straight up going limp when you don't want to go somewhere. A dead-weighted toddler is not fun to have to hoist out of a restaurant or church service, but thanks to those gym classes I haven't hurt myself yet!
Even when defiant you have manners. When I start to wash or brush your hair you yell "No thanks, no thanks, no thanks!" loudly. It sounds rude and polite all at the same time so I'm chalking it up as a skill you are learning.
At meal times your sister loves to ask you random questions. Anytime she does you cut your eyes over to the side for a minute and we all crack up laughing. I don't know where you picked this up from. She also can get you to make some pretty funny faces. You two really do play well together still and she relishes that you copy all she says and does.

You picked up the shocked "Oh no!" face from somewhere and often say it with hands slapping your cheeks during intense or stressful points watching Thomas the Train. It's another trick that gets us laughing lots.
Potty training is still going well, I'm sure it would be better if I wouldn't be so half hearted about it but I'm not all in yet. You've gone pee and poop several times now and let us know when you need to do both. You make sure to include all the words when anyone goes potty "Ew, yucky, mess, poopy, wipe" and you encourage us all to wipe and wash hands. Maybe this next month I'll buckle down for a 3 day training session.
Your curls are so beautiful and keep getting longer and fuller. They get comments everywhere we go and I'm still unsure how to manage them. We wash and brush them once a week otherwise they start to get matted. You HATE doing anything with your hair though but I at least try to smooth some detangling spray on them daily.
We made some great family memories this month on our spring break trip to Colorado. Even though you do get car sick you kept a great attitude and found ways to stay entertained in the car with your sister in the back for the long road trip. I look forward to more family trips, especially since we are starting to plan our summer vacations.
Figuring out your vocabulary this month has been a challenge at time but I'm getting better at it. The s sound is usually a w. Shoes are woos, socks are wocks, and outside is outwide. You use sentences often and can tell on your sister now much to her dismay. At the zoo the other day you let me know that the "goat cared (scared) me" and the "wahbees jump" (wallabies).
Thank you for being that daily reminder to me to enjoy life's simple gifts. I already find myself amused by earthworms and big trucks now even when you aren't with me. I'll think "ooo dump truck!...what a waste Haven isn't here to see it!" Children have that amazing gift to remind us boring adults what really is important in life...dump trucks for sure....and I am so thankful that I get to be right there with you experiencing it every day. I love you little girl!


kmom said...

Dear Haven,
I do miss you, but enjoy seeing pictures of you and reading about you. Your sister gave up her nap at about the same age, but your mother fought it for months. You are lucky your mother has yielded quite a bit.

GmaakaMom said...

Definitive "precious". I love you sweet Haven.

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