Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Phone Dump {March 2017}

Here are the happenings from March according to that device that is either perpetually on my person or I'm searching for to put in my pocket. Silly cell phones.
We went to Luther on a day adventure to eat at a delicious restaurant and visit Saundra and her mammoth donkies! We will be returning. So much fun!
Neighbor girls and Liv having fun. The bunny decor is out!

The Gootams came to town and we got to visit them and meet sweet Rosalyn!
My happy place, front porch with a view of hubby edging the yard! Sweet sisters. Haven and Nora having fun.
Haven is really into the little people this month, Liv and I and our first sno-cone of the season, Denise and Chester came through town!
Restaurant entertainment and back porch entertainment
Liv showing off the show her group designed at school for life on the African Savannah. Elle and Liv making our Easter Tree. Book club dessert at Pop's was HUGE and delicious. 6 of us couldn't finish it so you know it was BIG!
Some stressful moments this month, a chipped molar for Liv requiring dental work and two bend wheels less then 28 hours apart on two different vehicles. Thankfully no one was hurt and they were cheap fixes. A funny plaque at the dentist's office
Haven was real pukey one day and the internet was thankful I shared it with them. I did get some extra snuggles in though so I'm glad for that. Luckily it passed quickly.
One of my fav pics of Liv ever because I caught a REAL smile. The church garage sale happened and was bigger than ever. We are apparently all hoarders to do this EVERY year....and fill a gym EVERY year. Haven playing.
Times when she clearly needed a nap! Sunglasses upside down in the car!


kmom said...

So glad the car accidents were so minor. That dessert at Pop's looks so good.

GmaakaMom said...

Still love the phone dumps

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