Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Centerfolds

Well maybe they aren't centerfolds but they ARE going to be in a calendar to raise money for the Children's Hospital Foundation. We got to have a photo shoot last week at Whole Foods with Dr. Fields who did the clinical research studies at OU that both of them were a part of a babies. I think they will be available at all the Classen Curve stores at the end of the year and maybe we get invited to some luncheon in the fall. I just hope I get one of the photos from it because they cooperated and listened and I think they will turn out well!
 We celebrated how well they did as models after school with ice cream from Roxy's.
 I think Haven would gladly do this again if it means ice cream!
I'm hoping this was a good foreshadowing of how they will behave for our family photos in a few weeks!
(to see pics from the studies click on the links: Olivia 2009, 2010, 2010, 20122013. Haven first time, second time)


kmom said...

Great reward for good behaviour! They usually don't do well for posed pictures so I was so surprised you agreed to do this. Good experience for them. Great results!

GmaakaMom said...

Beautiful girls❤

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