Friday, April 14, 2017

Unicorn Party!

I hope all of you have local libraries that you are a part of because I just love ours dearly. I'm getting to know more of the librarians names the more we go and it's always fun to chat with other moms I see weekly at the toddler play days. The children's librarian recently went above and beyond by throwing a unicorn party last Saturday. Because who doesn't love unicorns?! She thought of everything. There were crafts, snacks, cake, tattoos, photos booths, books (of course), and even hands on experiments of making unicorn poop and unicorn breath. Both cracked me up. Oh and did I mention there was a REAL unicorn there????!!!! Yep it was a good day!
At age 2, Haven colors better inside the lines than her sister does.
 Making a unicorn button!
 And some shots from Haven at the library over the past few weeks. She's really into puzzles right now 


dshrock said...

How cool!

kmom said...

That librarian went all out!

Anonymous said...

Love it! :)


GmaakaMom said...

So much fun!

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