Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Trip to Osage County

Tuesday morning at 6 am my two normal morning gym buddies and I headed out on a road trip instead of pumping iron. Our destination was the Mercantile in Pawhuska but we had such a charming time meeting people there and finding hidden gems that I think we will return, because we didn't have time to see it all!
 Besides being first on the scene of a horrible accident in a country town with no cell service and no ambulance, the trip was easy. This picture was taken before we came upon the accident (and yes we did stop until other help arrived). After that we were pretty shaken but made it safely to our destination
We walked around the restaurant part taking pics while we waited for our food. No Drummonds were sighted while we were there.
 Lucky for us there were absolutely no crowds or lines for breakfast at 8:30am! We ordered three things and ate family style so we could try it all! And it was all very delicious! 
 After our meal we checked out the mercantile and bought some gifts.
 The prices are really varied but there's a lot of great stuff to choose from! (Much better than Waco in my opinion. Sorry not sorry Jojo)
 Then we went upstairs to the bakery and got some more treats to take home and share. 
 And pose for pictures. We were stuffed and the line was already forming for lunch so we headed out.
 We walked around the town and into lots of the other shops, then burned some calories climbing the steep stair hill up to the courthouse which is featured in the new best seller (and soon to be movie) Killers of the Flower Moon.  
 Then we literally just drove around town trying to find something to do. It didn't take long to stumble upon the Osage County History museum where we were educated with lots of amazing stories about the area from Shirley and Jerry.
Us with the best tour guides Osage county has to offer. We plan on asking Jerry for a personal tour of the whole area next time. We learned about the first boy scout troup being from Pawhuska, the Osage murders, Whizbang Red and her house of ill repute, John Stink who came back from the dead three times, and how the Osage were the richest group of people in the entire world for a period of time because of their oil rights.
 The school house wasn't open but they let us in anyway for a tour! 
 And let us sign the chalk board.
 They gave us lots of maps and told us about other sites to see. We drove by the catholic church with beautiful windows but will have to get an inside tour next time, along with seeing the national wildlife preserve and Osage Indian Museum....BUT we did have time to stop at the swinging bridge. Which I'm sure is a huge hit with the teens of Pawhuska. 
 It seems very unstable and  like you could fall through and die in the muddy creek below at any second so it was right up our alley!
We made it out alive though! And in just enough time to drive by the Drummond Ranch sign on the way out of town. It wasn't a lodge tour day but you can see it from the road.  
It truly is a beautiful drive right now as all the grass is bright green from the controlled burn and the recent rains. Hills, cattle, and mustangs...and if you leave in the morning when we did you get to watch the sunrise over all that while you drive! So yeah head to Pawhuska and check out the famous stuff but the true gems are in the tales from the history museum....tell Shirley and Jerry we sent you!

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kmom said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time. That swinging bridge would have been scary for me, but it looks like the sides were well safety netted. I wonder if it was because some people had fallen off.

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