Friday, May 26, 2017

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

The weather has been very nice lately in our city. The mosquitos aren't out in full force. The mornings and evening are cool and nice. And the day time isn't blazing hot so we've been on the porch and in the yard lots!
Ryan snapped this of me looking at cloud shapes with the kids the other day.
Haven is happiest when she has a roly poly or worm crawling on her.
The whole family got into the yard beautification one weekend. Liv voluntarily swept the porch of all the hedge clippings. She helped me plant lots of flowers too.
How many kids can you fit in a sandbox or in Liv's secret garden? The answer is about 6. 
The infamous goose feeding day at the lake!
Reading on the porch waiting for daddy to come home.
It got warm enough to bring the kiddie pool out last weekend and catch some rays.
Haven made a kite at Mother's Day Out and the girls both had fun flying it!

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kmom said...

Olivia is getting to be a wonderful helper. From the picture it looked like you,Katie, sweeping the porch, but the broom was a bit tall. Papa told me she is the the one who vacuumed the floors before Haven's birthday party. I am so impressed with Olivia and her ability to work and help out the family.

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