Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gymnastics Medal Ceremony

As you may recall Liv decided she was done with gymnastics about a year ago. So we took some time off. Then she wanted to give it another shot so she started up again in January aaaaand quickly lost interest again. She stuck it through the season though and had fun with her pal Kamaria and coach Jessica.
Liv is very naturally talented physically, despite her clumsiness, but she would prefer to be living in her imaginary world of stuffed animals or play scenarios in the backyard than being interrupted to stop and do a scheduled sport or activity. Maybe that's normal for kids, but either way I felt we should finish what we start, so finish we did!
 She's been thinking about another sport to try but I'm happy for the summer off season! 
Her group receiving their end of the year medals! I'm not sure if she's older or just that much taller.
Haven was excited to finally be allowed in the room instead of watching from the other side of the window!
So graceful.
I gave Kamaria's mom a gymnastics pose on the way out. I'll miss chatting with the moms in the lobby every Wednesday at 4:00!

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kmom said...

It is an accomplishment to finish what one has started. Good work, Olivia!

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