Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy 12th Anniversary: Part I

A few months ago I thought it would be fun to see The Lion King and since it was playing around the time of our anniversary, I thought that would be a fun thing to do to celebrate the occasion. But I also really wanted Liv to get to see it too. So we decided to let her join in the anniversary fun! We didn't tell her until a few minutes before we were leaving that we were taking her on our secret date. She was skeptical but likes a good reason to dress up and wear some of mommy's make up!
We dropped Haven off with Benay and then headed to the Melting Pot for dessert.
She wasn't sure about what she would like to eat at a fancy restaurant....
But once she found out it just a bunch of dessert you get to cover in chocolate, that eased her mind!
She spent most of the meal trying to guess what we were doing next.
Then we headed over to the civic center and she finally saw a sign with the name of the show on it so she figured it out and was excited! 
 The show was great, of course. I had seen it before but they had not. Liv laughed through a lot of it. I think the special effects and costumes amazed her, so I apologize if she laughed during Mufasa's death...shes not a sociopath I promise! We had binoculars for a close up view but really enjoyed the front row balcony seats, the animals look even more real from that distance!
We had a really fun evening. Liv wanted us to take a second selfie so we could pretend her hand was Haven. Someday I'm sure we'll let her join us for a family celebration of our marriage too!
Earlier in the day we watched our wedding video together as a family. I told Liv it's never too early to start thinking about characteristics she'd like in a husband someday. So far she came up with two: hardworking and rich! Ha! Ya gotta start somewhere!

Our second anniversary date will take place on our Oregon trip but this time no kids allowed! So blessed to call this man mine now for 12 years!

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kmom said...

What a great surprise for Olivia. You are really good at keeping secrets.

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