Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's day gift was a mommy and me mini session with Cassie Duffle. (It's also going to be the belated gift to OUR mothers too as soon as I get them printed!) Since we seem to never get professional pics done unless someone is pregnant or newborn, I asked if Ryan could hop in some pics too and she obliged.
The school also celebrated the moms last week with "Muffins with Mom" although Liv wanted to ditch me after about 5 seconds to go play with friends. It's to be expected though. I love my social butterfly!
Today was the actual holiday and my children brought me gifts along with breakfast in bed. Liv had made some art at school and a flower pot with her daddy at Home Depot. She wrote me a few cards and made a box of special things to do when I need to feel loved. Haven made me a card and a towel with her handprint on it. 
Of course by the time we were ready to take a picture before heading to church, one of my sweet girls was pouting and refusing all pictures. (You can tell I'm a mom by the shopkins bandaid on my finger)
But after a buffet lunch at Fuze (no complaining at mealtime from anyone when you can get WHATEVER you want to eat!) she perked up in time for a photo.
Then I was able to sneak away and spend a few hours ALONE in a book store. Of course the only things I saw were things I wanted to buy for my children and now I have another house project in the works just for them. Because that's what moms do!
We called and skyped our moms and it was a wonderful Mother's Day!

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kmom said...

Beautiful family pictures! Breakfast in bed! I'm impressed, and on a Sunday before getting to church on time!

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