Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Newsletter: 26 Months

Dear Haven,
Spring has sprung and you are blossoming right along with nature this month. We had a great Easter and you actually started to get the hang of the hunt by the third time around. Your favorite things this month include going to the library, doing puzzles, and playing with your magnet tiles.
Your palate isn't really expanding much and you live on a steady breakfast diet of oatmeal and a lunch diet of hummus. It keeps you regular! You aren't eating in a high chair anymore so containing you and your mess at meal time can be a bit tricky. 
Watching Thomas on the pot!
One of your new phrases this month is "car get me mama." I explain we hold hands in a parking lot for safety so a car won't hit you. But your fear has kicked in and sometimes you won't even step off the porch because "car get me mama" or a parked car 50 feet away frightens you and you hug my leg because "car get me mama." Oh well I can't say that I want you to lose this fear since it's my greatest fear too so keep holding tight to me!
You've also started saying "wiwwle bit more please." Anytime a book ends, your clementine is all eaten, a show is over you utter the "wiwwle bit more pease mama" phrase and my heart bursts. You find such joy in things that I want to keep giving you a little bit more but it's not always possible. 
You absolutely HAAAATE having your hair washed or touched or brushed. But if you see me doing your sisters hair then you'll sometimes wait your turn and say "me next" and then actually stand still while I do it. Big sisters can be good things! Other times I'm not above bribing you with a smartie!
You were really into dressing yourself for awhile but now you are fine to let me do it again but you do have an opinion on your clothes. Certain shoes are just no good (so I'm thankful we have lots of free hand me downs!) and you ask to wear your Thomas shirt every day. It gets worn once a week but you aren't clean enough for more than that!
You love to help me in the flower pots with watering and pulling weeds in the yard. You're favorite though is to look for roly polies. You can and do play with them and worms for hours. You aren't squeamish of them and like to put them on your hands and clothes and bears and watch them crawl around. I try to gather a few in a bowl for you and you will just sit content to observe them. 
Haven, the creepy crawler enthusiast!
The word "why" has already entered your vocabulary which baffles me. Especially because the answer to that question is often too complicated to explain in most of the situationg you ask it in! So I'm left with the answer "Because." It can be pretty cute though.
The no napping thing has led to lots of car line naps, late afternoon crashes, and the occasional crawl in my lap and fall dead asleep. One day I could not wake you up at all so we just sat on the porch swing and cuddled and I took a selfie thinking I'd like to compare it to one I remembered popping up on my online timehop. I was pretty shocked to discover how very similar they ended up being and although I often don't see you in those newborn photos I can't deny this is the same precious girl. Those same sweet lips, the same head nestled on me, the same hand placement, and the same love pouring from my heart as I swing my baby girl. I love you so!
A comparison


kmom said...

I'd like to see Haven playing with roly polies and worms, but I don't want to handle them myself, especially the worms.

GmaakaMom said...

Can't wait to see this sweetie and her family in a couple of weeks.

Katherine said...

Adelaide has been saying that about cars too! "Car can get me!"

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