Saturday, May 13, 2017

On Becoming a Morning Person

Due to a number of factors beyond my control, my morning gym schedule recently had to change. I decided it was high time I try to join the ranks of those early risers who get up at the crack of dawn and are already showered and ready with a spring in their step before anyone in their house even opens an eye. Here is my list of perks and jerks of becoming a morning person.

Perks of Being Up Early

  1. I can enjoy the quiet. Who even KNEW my house could be so quiet?!
  2. I'm in a better mood when I can start the day with some alone time
  3. I get uninterrupted reading time, blogging time, Bible study time, gym time, etc.
  4. I finally feel like a Proverbs 31 woman and often think when my alarm sounds "time to consider a field and BUY IT!"
  5. I'm amazed at how much I can accomplish in a morning when I'm up that early.
  6. Haven doesn't have to endure gym childcare and we have more time in the mornings for fun things

Jerks of Being Up Early

  1.  I REALLY want to go to bed at like 8pm....sometimes 7. 
  2.  I REALLY feel the need for caffeine by mid day, which means in an effort to be healthy I'm now consuming caffeinated diet soda to stay awake, so does it cancel out? 
  3. It's like an internal thing now so even on a morning when I want to sleep in....I can't.
  4. After I've accomplished a lot I think wow it must be almost lunch time, the day is halfway done! Then I look at Haven eating breakfast and see it's only 8 am and think "this is gonna be a loooong day!"
I plan to keep it up, especially since I have friends who help keep me motivated to do squats or swim laps. If you ever want to join us crazies at the crackadawn let me know and I'll save you a spot!

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kmom said...

I am super impressed!

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