Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Phone Dump {April 2017}

Here are some things that happened this month that I may or may not have already shared!
Birthday party fun for a friend at Artsy Rose Academy
Climbing Trees and playing chase at the park
Haven trying on heels, Liv at the Dr. sucking on flavored tongue depressors, Haven working on a puzzle and taking Thomas cartoons very seriously with red bear
Liv is a very skilled mixologist when it comes to dying eggs
staircase art downtown, Haven eating on the porch and having fun at the science museum

Ryan on our date to the virtual reality place at the mall. His ingenius method to keep the kitchen sawdust free without having to cover everything while sanding cabinet. rose blooms in our yard

Haven not convincing me she's 100% over napping by falling asleep in random places. Watching Thomas again with bears

Charlie tried to kill herself again this month by eating a pack of gum with xylitol in it. It earned her a trip to the vet to make her vomit. She lived. Haven is into snuggling me on the couch. One day I had a crick in my neck and she was sweet to try and take care of me. The cute smile is the face of a girl who gets to watch a lot of tv while mommy lays still with a rice bag on her neck
Liv playing dress up in my clothes, Haven being cute, Liv found a Golden Girls coloring book at Michael's, (she thought it was hilarious but I have no idea how she knows who the Golden Girls are), her dry erase drawing.
Our small group working on a teacher appreciation surprise for some schools in our community. They crammed around our table pretty well.

My biannual haircut. Everytime I get it done I think "I should do this more often" but alas I do not. 

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GmaakaMom said...

I am SO in love with this family.

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