Thursday, May 18, 2017

Table Top Teaching

It's the end of the school year so the teachers have officially given up and are letting the students take over. Just kidding...sort of. The first graders all got to present a lesson to their classmates in a small rotation last week. They were supposed to come up with something they were knowledgeable in that they could teach their peers about. Liv chose "How to Make a Paper Cell Phone," which is a craft she is very passionate about and has made LOTS of!  
Liv worked hard on her poster, and although she seemed very nervous and fearful about speaking in front of others (which seemed very unlike her) she rocked her presentation!
Luckily the other groups were teaching lots of recipes so I just kept shoveling food in Haven so she'd stay quiet. She looked so tiny in those desks but I know she'll be a rocket soon enough!
 I figured the kids might not be fans since they probably each have their own REAL phone at home but I was wrong! They were texting and chatting and facebooking on their apps during the rotations it made me smile. I'm glad the simple pleasures can still entertain her and her friends in this age of technology!! 

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kmom said...

I'm so proud of Olivia for doing such a grown-up project.

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