Saturday, June 17, 2017

Oregon Adventures: Around Newberg

When we weren't gallivanting out on touristy excursions we found lots of fun things to do in and around Newberg with the family. I'm so glad my girls have such a sweet bond with their cousins even if they only see them a few times a year. 
And I'm so glad that even Violet and Hazel are older than my girls, they let them join in on the fun and don't act like they're too cool to hang out with them....yet. That day may come but for now I'm very grateful!
If you can't figure out who the extra cousin in, that's Violet's friend Sonya, she's basically in the family.
We spent lots of time at Gigi's and over at the Craigs house. Ya gotta go where the trampolines and snakes are!!
Gigi's beanie baby toys are Liv's favorite.
Haven and Afton will be best buds in the future but right now they are more like 2 year old frenemies!
Corey found all sorts of garden (garter?) snakes under this tarp in the back yard. So we put them all in a container and let the kids play with them for awhile. I was shocked that Liv was pretty scared to hold one, Haven was the fearless one this time!
Big sis couldn't be outdone though and finally held one for a few seconds!
She was more comfortable at the pet store holding ferrets and puppies!
But of course my girls favorite thing is just to spend time with their grandma at her house.
Oh look a pic that my kids aren't in!
We walked to the library and the kids picked out some books they loved so much they ended up coming back to Oklahoma with us. Ooops!
We visited Great Grandpa's gravesite on Memorial Day and looked at all the flags of the servicemen.
Haven crashed often in the car after a fun day of activity but there were plenty of people to hold a sleepy sweet girl!
Up Next: Fun at Beverly Beach


kmom said...

Great idea to visit a pet store too far away from home to be talked into buying a pet.


Cousins are pretty great! My girls love your girls! I am pretty impressed with your girls and those snakes, I have NEVER been able to hold one of those things. Yuck!

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