Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oregon Adventures: At the Museums

We flew to Oregon out of Dallas because it is soooo much cheaper. I got to hand it to Love field, they know how to run an airport. Things went very smoothly and the kids really enjoyed the play place.
Why don't all airports have this? Why don't all public spaces have this for that matter?! After the girls tired of that they managed to have some fun and make a new friend at our gate. I love how easily kids make friends wherever they go. As I get older I feel like I'm trying to find ways to NOT talk to anyone. Ha! It's a good reminder to find commonality with anyone you meet I guess.
Although this was not Haven's first flight at all, it was her first TICKETED flight. And she used that seat for like 10 minutes total. Boo. She did really well except on the descent she had a bit of ear pain that upset her for awhile and no amount of ideas to help her would console her. She also managed to make the HUGEST mess I've ever seen from one blue m&m. Never again. Liv of course was a pro.
The girls were pretty cute sharing toys and watching the ipad together in the same seat.
One of our first adventures once we arrived was to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. Home to the infamous Spruce Goose. You can't imagine how big this thing is from a description until you see it. It was pretty funny because it's SOOO huge in the room, you don't see it at first. It just looks like the wall in front of you! If you want to try to imagine though the wingspan is longer than a football field and the tail is taller than an 8 story building!
The kids were not that fascinated with the huge plane though...can you tell? But they did have fun in the kids area while the adults got educated. I'm sure we will be back one day for Liv to experience the indoor water park they have there in another building.
 They filled the wings with beach balls for flotation purposes.
Some tourist didn't know he'd stepped into the kids area and scolded Haven for riding this antique toy he thought was off limits. I was across the room or I would've intervened. She gave him the oddest look. I laughed.
 The space stuff was pretty cool. How often do you get to inspect UNDER a launcher?
 Another day, Mona and I went with the girls to the Portland Children's Museum, which we had also never visited before. The girls loved it. They had a neat outdoor space, but they probably loved the vet area most of all. The funniest thing was when we walked in one of the Mayfair college students greeted us from behind the front desk! I had no idea she was going to Portland for the summer, so random to see a familiar face there!
 We were there for 12 days but we did so many different things there the time really flew by and the only way I know it was almost 2 weeks is because we are STILL struggling to get back on central time. My 5 am workout game is awful, but the kids are sleeping in daily which I thought would never happen! 
Up next: Fun around Newberg!

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kmom said...

Before flying, try taking a decongestant (phenylephrine HCI) with no antihistamine with it, to try to help with the ears. Swallowing something such as a drink might also help. Chewing gum is great if the person is old enough.

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