Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oregon Adventures: Beverly Beach

We took a little side trip for two nights with Grandma and Grandpa to Beverly Beach State Park which I've decided is the best of both worlds....luscious forest and trees to hike in AND a beach to play in the sand (and water in if you're brave enough)! You camp on one side of the bridge and beach on the other. It's quite amazing. In our case the camping was glamping in the RV. 
It really is the best way to travel! 
 If you're not the driver that is. Ha!
Our RV spot was right by the stream.
Nature's playground was fun but plastic playgrounds are fun too!
Here are the Beach shots from the trip
While my girls were more daring and brave in the water (Liv even wore her swimsuit one day without complaining!) the rest of us stuck to mostly winter gear while we played in the sand.  
A homemade seesaw from driftwood
I have a hard time of narrowing these photos down. The sandy beach is my happy place and my kids are the most beautiful people to me....so favorite place + favorite people = too many pics. I get it, but it's MY blog so there!
This is what Grandpa likes to do on the beach....
How many pics of Haven running in the sand is enough. 100? 1000? 
 The forest pics.  
 My girl hasn't met a tree yet that she hasn't tried to climb. And these ginormous trees with their big gnarly exposed roots were calling her name. We did a lot of offroading from the path so she could explore. She's a "road less traveled" type of person!
Confession: This is a series of photos that ultimately led me to pee in my pants on our hike. Like an embarrassing amount of pee in my pants. Like I had to hand wash them in the sink and they never dried because it's not exactly sunny in Oregon. (luckily I had other pairs) Ryan was doing a real good job of velocirapting or wild boar chasing Olivia in the woods and it made me laugh entirely too much.
 You had to be there.
A game of thrones stump. (no she doesn't watch the show, and neither do we but I did read a few of the books)
Haven even got in on the hiking one day...but it wasn't without a lot of tears at first begging to be carried. Once she saw big sis go adventuring though she wanted a taste.
Lil Explorer.
This is a very Lorax type pose.
They found some good walking sticks.
And hidey holes
We discovered some huuuuge banana slugs that I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of because I got creeped out just looking at them.
Ok you just THOUGHT the beach pics were done but here's a few more.... 
Livin that motor home life....
Liv loved sleeping in the bunk. Ryan and Haven slept on the fold out sofa (she woke up too many times on the floor) and I slept on the table bed. The grandparents got the bed of course. Thanks to a sound machine and maybe a little medication I slept great! Thanks to lots of outdoor activity the kids slept great too.
On the way home Haven crashed after an EPIC tantrum because she didn't want to leave the beach, and I got to walk like a half mile carrying a flailing screaming toddler back to the RV...it's how I stay so physcially fit! I opted to stay in the motorhome so she could nap instead of dining in a restaurant with the fam. I enjoyed the quiet and the Dr. Pepper through a redvine even more.
The key to family vacations is finding that balance of together time and alone time. It was a pretty perfect trip to Beverly Beach! (....except for that tantrum, I'm looking at you Havey poo)

Up Next: Our Portland getaway



I love this post! I can see why you had a hard time choosing pictures for it....such great scenery and people to take pictures of.

GmaakaMom said...

My favorite place with 5 of my favorite peeps. This Grandma was one happy camper. In my humble opinion there can't be too many pics of those girls (or their parents for that matter.).

kmom said...

Beverly Beach looked like a wonderful place to be. I enjoyed all the pictures. Thank you for sharing your fun.

jana said...

your oregon posts always make me move oregon up my "must go to" list!

buuuuttt... all i can think about now is how many spiders are in those hidey holes!

Ryan and Katie said...

I'm sure there are spiders in Oregon but they aren't as crazy as the ones here. Those banana slugs though.... (Of course you can't lose a leg to one of them)

Ryan and Katie said...

I'm sure there are spiders in Oregon but they aren't as crazy as the ones here. Those banana slugs though.... (Of course you can't lose a leg to one of them)

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