Thursday, June 22, 2017

Oregon Adventures: Portland Getaway

Ryan and I got to getaway on our own while in Oregon. We twisted Grandma's arm until she said she'd keep the kids...just kidding...she happily did it. Or at least she made us think she was happily doing it. Grandmas are great like that. Anyway thanks Rick and Mona!!
We did all the touristy things we hadn't done yet in all our years of going to Oregon. This included the Pittock Mansion, Japanese Gardens, International Rose test garden, and Oregon History Museum. Of course we threw in the obvious trip to Powell's. And we dined at some amazing places. The kind where I was like moaning and saying I wanted to marry my food after each bite amazing. So do yourself a favor and eat at Tasty and Alder if you're in Portland and get the apple brined pork chop if it's on the menu that day. And then at some point check out Salt n Straw for ice cream. The obvious choice for donuts is Voodoo but I'd been there and the better choice is Donut Byte Labs food truck bc you can sample more flavors because the donuts are tiny...and DELCIOUS!
Anywhere here are the pics of our adventures! First stop the Pittock Mansion. The house is pretty amazing even though most of the furniture isn't original. There was a field trip going on so even though we escaped OUR kids we didn't escape ALL kids. Ha! The views from outside of the city below are pretty gorgeous.

This may not be the current minimalist trend but you can still appreciate that detailed craftsmanship!
Pretty genius sink with drain you could lower or raise to prevent overflowing.
Kinda want to steal that puppet stage toy! 
We spent a little bit of time at the International Rose Test Garden. Apparently there was a headset tour of sorts because there would be number stops by certain roses. We laughed trying to think about what they could possibly be saying. Stop number're looking at a rose. Stop number's another rose. Stop number guessed it, it's a rose!
Yes we did literally stop to smell the roses.
Ryan said it was silly to take pics of just the flowers so I posed with one.
I think there are over 500 varieties here. It smelled nice.
Then we went across the street to the Portland Japanese Garden. It was very tranquil and serene and I'm really glad we didn't have kids with us or they would've been jumping the subtle fences and messing up the zen rock garden patterns!
It was a truly gorgeous place and would be so nice if all landscape could be as thoughtfully incorporated as this place!
We stayed in a newly renovated Hilton downtown and had a pretty nice view from the top floor. 
Here's the foodie pics. 
I forget what flavors we got but I know the words ganache, honey, strawberry, balsamic vinaigrette were in the titles and they were delish!
The Oregon Historical Society had some good exhibits about the state and a traveling exhibit about JFK. We could check out a museum pass from the Newberg library which is a pretty cool thing.
My favorite thing was in the kids area where they asked questions and posted different answers from the field trip kids. The one asked why your family lived in Oregon and the answer "to escape the perils of Sacramento" hahahaha! Funny kid
I think that concludes our 12 day adventure in took me so long to post this that now it's time for our next big adventure to Michigan next week!


GmaakaMom said...

Please come back soon. We'll find more fun things to do...Crater Lake, Toll Bridge Park, Old Fashioned Days, St Paul Rodeo, Oaks Amusement Park, Tillamook Cheese Factory and and and...

kmom said...

Glad you and Ryan were able to get away by yourselves and experience the sights and tastes of Portland.

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