Thursday, June 08, 2017

Phone Dump {May 2017}

So you'd think that nothing happened in May judging by this measley photo collage post, but you'd be wrong. I just already blogged about all the other photos I took with my phone! Except our Oregon trip of course. That will come eventually when I sort through the photos, finish listening to my kids cry themselves to sleep (grandma detox is hard), and clean up puddles of potty training pee all over the house! Summer had begun!
Visiting schools for Teacher Appreciation week, Haven and Lulu, sporting her MDO backpack, waiting on me patiently at the library.
Perfect example of why kids need carseats with backs. Ha! Please don't report me. These two fell asleep hard on the way home from school one day. Haven occasionally does too. Pretty block creations.
Haven sporting a goose egg on her noggin. She collided with a kid at MDO then came home and fell off the porch. It was mostly gone by morning. The kids in the storm hidey hole. Jenna helping me be crafty.

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GmaakaMom said...

I still love these phone dumps. I think there was still some pretty yellow bruising on Havens head while you were here, or was that an Oregon wound?

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