Monday, June 05, 2017

School's Out for Summer!

Liv cheated the system and got out a little before her peers due to our Oregon trip. Sometimes the price of plane tickets is too good to pass up! It's not too big of a deal, we all know the last few days are spent partying and signing yearbooks I think. Anyway, here's a shot of her on the LAST DAY OF 1ST GRADE!!!!

Man that flew by! Here's a first day last day comparison shot!

The biggest change besides different teeth, height and shoe size, is that she finally stopped wearing those ankle bracelets :)
When she got home I had a surprise waiting of course. I had planned to do a "follow the string" scavenger hunt for some summer gifts, but she had to go and ruin it by asking me just a day before if I would do that for her sometime. Shouldn't have read that Frozen book! Oh well, I still did it. 

The rain started to wash away my Happy Summer chalk message! 

You can hear Haven's sadness at being awoken from a car nap only to find her mother won't carry her around while she videos a string chase.
They stayed in her new reading nook for a good hour. It's hard to see but there's a homemade bulletin board, book racks, rope lights, and she got a summer fun workbook and lap desk with secret storage (so hopefully Haven won't find markers and draw all over their room! The curtain closes so she can be completely shut in and since we put a window unit for their room in their closet it won't get too hot in the summer. (The curtain also does a nice job of hiding all the stuff in storage above on the shelf!)
Haven enjoys it too! 

Here is a video of her reading The Tawny Scrawny Lion...that's what she's saying when she turns every page. So cute!
Here's some before and after shots, hard to get within the closet space though! I was able to just move all the stuff to the other side with Liv's clothes.



GmaakaMom said...

Lucky girl❤

kmom said...

What a fun, creative Mom! I have never heard of a string scavenger hunt but it looks like fun. I had seen the cute video of Haven reading but did not know where she was, now I know.

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