Thursday, July 20, 2017

Michigan: The Lakehouse

We went to my aunt's lakehouse in Coldwater, Michigan near the 4th of July. My mom's side of the family has been getting together there for over ten years but this is the first time we have been able to join in the fun! I'm breaking up the posts of our trip to Michigan by the three places we spent most of the time....the lakehouse, the shore, and the actual lake! We had so much fun and hope we can join my mom's side of the family again there sometime. There were so many aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins that I tried to keep track of my kids, but usually I was with one of them and just assumed someone else knew where the other one was! Olivia hadn't seen most of that side of the family since Mary Kate's wedding 3 summers ago (now she's expecting a baby!)and Haven had never even met her great grandparents! It was a special time and I'm so glad we got to go this year. Get ready for a lot of pictures!

The great grandparents. Wish I'd thought to get one with all the great grands but I was not on my A game!
There was never a shortage of people to play games with!
The red solo cup bar. With 40 people in the house this is a pretty genius method to cut down on waste AND dishes. You get one labeled cup for the week. If you wanna wash it out, do it, but put it back up here when you're done.
I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with sweet Ellie Rose and I still didn't as she prefers her mama or daddy if they are in site. But I did get a few snuggles....and some really cute pics!
Choke hold!
Garret was a trooper and spent quality time playing "My dead" with Haven in the front yard.
This looks more like Tai Chi though.
A few of the kids (and grown ups) got in a pretty big battle of crochet water balloon fight.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
Haven pretty much fell asleep out of pure exhaustion most nights. This night she put up a fight so I told her I'd go take a shower then come out and read one more book to her. I stepped into the bathroom and turned right around to check on her and she was already asleep!
Up next: the shore!

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kmom said...

Great review of fun times with family.

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