Saturday, July 22, 2017

Michigan: On Coldwater Lake

There were several boats to choose from for water sporting adventures: speed boats, pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and even a little rowboat for the kids. I think that was Liv's personal favorite. I think I tested them all out except for the kayak. We took a long canoe trip one day through the channel to go turtle watching. We saw several but I was pretty terrified of tipping over in that swampy black water we went through! Liv got to try tubing and loved it although her face was mixed between joy and terror the whole time she went! Ryan tried skiing but I played it safe and just enjoyed the boat ride.
 Chris and Mary Kate tipped before making it past the end of the dock! Luckily we did not tip on any of our canoe expeditions.
Liv and Ryan going tubing
I just watch this and think it looks painful.
Liv and Eli took turns with BJ and Ryan as their extra weight to hold them down. They went on their own once but just slid right off pretty quickly because they're too tiny!
She enjoyed the tube but I think she enjoyed the autonomy of the rowboat more.
It was hard not to sing "row row row your boat" while watching her!
The rowboat however is not made for people of all sizes as Uncle Brad quickly found out!
 When the tube wasn't hooked up to a boat it still made for a fun raft.
Captain Colin at the helm. Mary Belle liked yelling to whomever was driving the boat "Faster Captain Faster!" Sometimes she would add "that's what Livvy said!"
Boat rides put people of all ages to sleep!
Erica took Liv and I on our first sailboat ride ever. We learned how to tack and how to fasten the rope that holds the sail. Most importantly though...we didn't tip over or hit our heads!
Kelly and Ally splashing around in the shallow water.
Mary Belle convinced me to open my mouth wide on the speedboat one night. I believe she called it swallowing air. I, in fact, swallowed a bug. Blech!

The girls having fun playing in the rain!

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kmom said...

I'm glad Olivia was willing to try so many different water activities.

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